Our First Agility Trial 

Earlier this year, Maddux was in agility classes at our local kennel club. When I got laid off those classes were one of the things I cut to save money.

Overall, he loved it, but his problem was that he just wanted to run the course and not in the order I asked him to. He also wasn’t a big fan of the dog walk or the teeter. The AKC ACT 1 run doesn’t have either, so when our club held their first trial in that, I decided to sign up.

Things didn’t  go as planned.

While I have video of Maddux’s first run, I will not be sharing it, because it’s just terrible. Maddux got onto the course and just stood there. The same dog that jumps all over my living room just stood there.

I was also nervous, and I’m sure that didn’t help. His second run was a little better, but he didn’t qualify because with three obstacles left he decided to just take off and run around. This was actually my fear with the first run, which is why I took him for long walks and tried to tire him out all day before the run.

Despite the not-so-great experience, I am going to keep trying him, and once I get some extra money, I will make taking him back to class a priority again.

Tomorrow, he goes for his Canine Good Citizen Test and Therapy Dog Test. I know he can do everything on the CGC test, it just whether or not he will do it. The Therapy Dog Test, I doubt he will pass, but I want the experience of going through it once so I know what I need to practice with him on.

Wish us luck!

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