Kayaking Easter Bunny Puppies

These two had *the best Easter ever*!!!

I’m apologizing now for the photo-heavy post, but these really describe our Easter. We got to go kayaking, yes, kayaking on Easter, in April!

Let me tell you how absolutely excited it was. We kayaking all the time, but never this early in the season. Usually mid-may or June is the earliest we can go out.

But, an almost 80-degree day in the Adirondacks meant we hit the water with our paddles.

Michelle Maskaly kayaking dogs
Michelle Maskaly kayaking lake George

Michelle Maskaly kayaking dogs

Toby was having a blast. He even chases his toy in the water, which he never does. Maddux, was a bit freaked out, despite kayaking regularly for the past two years.

There was a storm coming in later in day, and I think he was weird because of that.

My dad was out kayaking with us and I got some great photos of him and Toby!

Oh, we did take a few real Easter photos today, too!

Hope your Easter was as awesome as ours!

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