Monday Hike Along the Hudson with Maddux

My little trail dog! This dog loves to hike and walk pretty much everywhere.

Today we went to a local nature preserve we had never been to before. It was beautiful! The path went along the woods next to a portion of the Hudson River in upstate New York.

We didn’t get to do the whole loop because part of it was flooded out, but we still had a great time.

Michelle Maskaly dogs

We also spent some time just hanging out. In two different spots, we just took some time to sit near the water and enjoy the view. These are some of my favorite times!

Maddux usually just sits in my lap and looks around. It’s such a great bonding experience.

Michelle Maskaly dogs
I have to admit that I love how much my little dog loves the woods! He has pretty much no fear when it comes to climbing and jumping over anything in his way.

A big tree down? No problem! However, a picnic table with a weird pattern? Nope. He needed me to lie my jacket down for him lie on.

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