Are You Delaying the Inevitable? 

As I mentioned in my last post, we are running out of options when it comes to Toby’s cancer treatment. 

After reading through the three options the oncologist gave me, I decided once again on the middle of the road option that would be the least invasive for Toby. It’s still in pill form and it’s every 2-4 weeks, along with daily prednisone. Our goal is to keep his lymphnodes from getting any larger. 

His first treatment was Saturday. With this particular pill, they also gave him a diuretic because of a chemical that, if they don’t urinate enough, can irritate the bladder. 

So far, he seems seems to have tolerated it well – just as he’s done with every other chemo treatment, knock in wood. 

It might be because he’s on the max dose of prednisone he can take, but he didn’t get sleepy, or tired, like he normally does anfter chemo. 

Someone asked me if I was just delaying the  inevitable – Toby dying. Yes, yes, I am. But, as one of my relatives pointed out, that is the goal, right? It’s why people exercise, eat healthy, take medicine. 

Toby is eating, drinking, playing, running around and enjoying life. In fact, most people who meet him for the first time, comment that they didn’t even know he was sick. 

For as long as he is like this, I will continue to try to do as much as I can, within reason, to give him the tools necessary to fight the lymphoma. Once his quality of life starts to decline, that’s when I will change my thought process. 

But, for now, I am giving him all the help he needs. And, so far, each time he has defied the odds, and met or beat every statistic they’ve given us. 

His oncologist, who is very conscious about making sure Toby can tolorate the treatments and his quality of life, commented that it seems like Toby still has a lot of fight in him at this point. 

Of course this doesn’t come with downsides. He’s had a few accidents in the house, mostly because I’ve misread what he wanted, and he’s up every few hours to eat or go out during the night. 

These are very trivial things to me at this point, when overall his quality of life is good. 

Please keep him in your thoughts. He is my everything. He has been with me through the good and the bad, and is truely the only living, breathing thing that has never disappointed me, loves me unconditionally and is always there for me. 

I just want to do what’s right for him and help him stay happy and comfortable for as long as he wants to keep fighting. 

One thought on “Are You Delaying the Inevitable? 

  1. Truly. You can only do the best you can for as long as you can. With the help of your veterinary team, you’re clearly paying attention to quality of life and all that. I say, Keep at it. You might be surprised how much time remains ahead. XOXO

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