Maddux’s New AKC Titles

I am so proud of Maddux! Last month he earned his AKC ACT 1 agility title as well as his AKC novice tricks title! 

The first time he ran the course he nailed it, and finished in 28 seconds with no problems. We were all stunned. The second time, he did it in 58 seconds (we had 60 seconds to complete it) and decided he was going to take some detours. But, I got him back on track and he finished just in time. 

The tricks test, both held at the Glens Falls Kennel Club, was hilarious. Maddux has a very short attention span. So his brain was already spent with agility and then to ask him to perform tricks? We have him a couple hour break in between, which helped, but things he knows how to do, like down using a hand signal, he was having an issue with. He would just stare at me. 

He easily passed his novice test, but he was three away from the next level and just could nail those last three. I’m totally okay with his novice title, and we will keep working toward his next one. 

This was literally like a perfect day for me. Later in the afternoon the kennel club was holding CGC and Therapy Dog tests, so my friend and their dog was staying with me so they could do the test. 

We were up early and at the agility trial at 9:30 am and spent much of the day there doing various activities with our dogs. It was so much fun, and the reason I want to do more dog sports with Maddux. It’s such a great bonding experience. 

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