Not Every Little Dog in a Bag Is What You Think

So many things have changed in the past year since Toby was diagnosed with cancer. One of the main things is that when he’s on chemo, which has been a constant since January, his contact with other dogs has to be limited. 

The chemo suppresses his immune system, so while he can be around Maddux, and other dogs I personally know who are fully vaccinated and healthy, he cannot be nose-to-nose around other dogs. 

This makes taking him places, like the dog park or farmers market, frowned on. 

Our current solution, is this awesome sling. 

I can’t tell you how many carriers, slings and bag I have tried over the years. This one that I randomly found in Petco a year ago, is perfect. While I’ve written about it before, I really hadn’t used it much outside of the house. 

Now, I have to because the chemo is a normal part of our lives. I used it the most last weekend, when I took Toby and Maddux to several farmers markets and a day-trip to Vermont. 

We were very much the spectacle, as it took us twice as long to do things because people kept asking about it. It was actually a good way to bring attention to cancer in dogs. 

So many people came up to us with usually sarcastic remarks about a dog in a bag, and once I said the reason he was in it was because he is going through chemo and can’t be nose-to-nose with other dogs, they immediately became interested in learning more about cancer in dogs. 

Before Toby got sick, I never really thought of it, but not every dog in a bag is the cliche you may think it is. I always laughed about dogs in bags and being carried. Even with Toby’s knee issues since he was a puppy, I used to refuse to carry him in any type of bag to go places. 

Although I think the design and comfort of these slings and bags could use some work, I am grateful that I’m able to put Toby in one and carry him around so he can safely enjoy life and have the same fun he is used to.

One funny note, everything is pretty much eye-level for Toby when he’s in a sling. This was especially true at the farmers market where he just reached over and helped himself to some leaf lettuce. Yes, we bought the lettuce. 

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