Toby Cancer Update 

Just a quick little update on Toby’s lymphoma.

This is a tricky one, so hopefully I explain it well.

After the last treatment, which was a new-to-us chemotherapy, Toby’s lymphnodes went down, which means it was working. However, a week later they were enlarged again, and they were slightly bigger than they were before, which means it may not be working.

Luckily, this particular drug has a dosage range and they started Toby on a very conservative dose. So, at his onecologist visit yesterday we decided to increase his dose and giving him another treatment before saying that this drug isn’t working.

So here is the hold-my-breath part. He got a higher dose of the chemo yesterday and goes back next week for a check up. If the lymphnodes are larger, it means the drug isn’t working. If the they are the same size or smaller, than it is.

If it doesn’t work, our options are super limited.

The good part is that Toby is pretty much his normal self. He does get a little more tired and gets warmer faster in the heat. He also doesn’t really want to play with Maddux, but will play with me. Other than that you wouldn’t know he was sick.
And, that’s all we can ask for.

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