Lake Dogs: Beach Weekend in the Adirondacks

This weekend was much needed. I soooo need to spend time just me and my dogs. It may sound silly but because things have been so crazy, I feel like I haven’t had a real weekend all summer until now. 

It was so nice to just spend some time relaxing with my dogs and having fun. Saturday during the day I took Maddux and Bear to the dog beach in Lake George. 

Bear was a little restless, but Maddux was absolutely enjoying the day just napping in the sun. He is a total beach bum. 

Michelle Maskaly

Maddux and Bear together was a bit of a disaster since Maddux wanted to bark at every dog that went past. He was being really obnoxious. Nothing was working to quiet him down. Of course, that got Bear excited and chaos ensued. I’m working with Maddux in this, but it’s taking a bit. 

After the dog beach, I took Bear and Toby to a different beach where we met one of our kennel club pals and had a lab play date, or more accurately, swim date. Bear absolutely loves the water and he did great meeting our friend Hunter for the first time. They were adorable swimming together. 

Toby, who really doesn’t voluntarily go in the water but will swim a little if he is put in, even did a little swimming. 

On Sunday, I really wanted to work with Maddux so I took just him to the dog beach. This is something we would do a lot. It was sorta our thing. He did really well. It was really hot out so I brought him into the lake to cool off a bit. 

He wasn’t too happy the first time swimming, but the second time I just held him and kneeled in the water. He did seem to enjoy that. 

But, of course his favorite thing is just napping on the beach. I can’t say I blame him. I enjoy it, too! 

Here are a few more photos from our weekend fun. 

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