Incredibly lucky. 

That’s really the only way I can describe what I’m feeling right now. 

This morning I woke up preparing myself for bad news. I worried myself into a migraine and felt like I was going throw up all day at work. 

This evening after leaving the oncologist’s office, I feel completely lucky. Toby’s lymphnodes are the same size, or smaller, as the last time he was in for a treatment. This meant that the chemo was still working, and that he could get his regular chemo treatment.

I’m really shocked. Pleasantly shocked, but shocked nonetheless. 

Thank you all so much for the positive vibes. Toby really is an incredible fighter and is doing a good job at kicking cancers butt. I know we won’t always be this lucky, but for now, I’m enjoying it. 

Now, some cute photos from today’s visit! 

Post chemo naps ….

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