Lake-Side Mornings with Toby 

Since he was a little puppy driving four hours upstate to look at houses, Toby has always enjoyed just chilling out by the lake and walking through Lake George Village. I think he likes it so much because of all the attention he gets. 

It was a cool, no-humidity morning Sunday, so Toby and I jumped in the car and drove down to the lake for a little quality time. 

He had a blast. 

Michelle Maskaly canine cancer
We started out sitting on the green Adirondack chair benches near the lake. He has always sat with me there and instead of sitting on my lap, he usually lies in the center likes it’s his own personal dog chair. 

So many people stopped to say hello to him. He was loving it. 

Lake george dog
He got antsy after a while, so I put him in his sling and we took a walk through town. Seeing another dog on a patio, I stopped at a local cafe for breakfast and coffee. 

As soon as we walked in to order, he was the center of attention. I mean a cute, friendly little dog in a sling is pretty adorable! The only thing you have to watch with Toby is that he’s eye-level with most things and can reach a lot more than he normally would, so he tends to just help himself. 

It was so fun just to hang out and have fun. 

It was 2 1/2 hours that I never wanted to end. I know I’m eventually going to have to say goodbye to his cute face and frequently let some tears fall from my eyes yesterday morning. But, I also know that I’m super lucky to have him with me *a lot* longer than they said I would. 

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