The 10 Day Chemo Visit

Maybe I should rename this blog, “Toby’s Chemo Diaries”? Seriously though, yesterday today had his latest chemo visit and I’m happy to report his oncologist said his lymphnodes were there same size if not smaller, again. 

This is very good news, because as long as they stay the same size, it means the chemo is working. His blood work was also good, and Toby was able to get his next round of chemo. 

We are currently on a 10-day cycle of treatment. His next appointment is Aug. 11, at 4pm. Each appointment is a little nerve racking, because we don’t know what the results are going to be. If the lymphnodes have gotten bigger, it means the chemo has stopped working and we are at the beginning of the end. If the lymphnodes have stayed the same size, it means it’s still working and we continue on. 

It can feel like a lot of limbo, which admittedly isn’t always easy to deal with. But, I will take limbo over the chemo not working. 

I’m so very proud of the way Toby is fighting this. He is one tough cookie.  

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