Toby Cancer Update 

We had an important oncology visit yesterday, resulting in this slightly long, and complicated, Toby update.

His lymphnodes, all around, but especially in his neck and shoulders are larger. In fact, they are pretty much the largest they have ever been. However, his quality of life is good, his bloodwork is fine, and he over all is acting and feeling normal. 

So while typically enlarged lymphnodes means the chemo is not working, it is doing something to slow down the progression and the oncologist feels comfortable giving him the treatment because he is acting totally normal otherwise so he thinks it is doing something. 

The tough part is that we can’t predict for how long. It could stay okay for two weeks or for a couple months. It all really depends on how long Toby continues to feel well and fight. 

Food for thought: This is similar to what they told me about Toby 16 months ago when he was first diagnosed. So, it’s really a craps shoot at this point. It means we don’t take any day for granted, we give him lots of love and make sure he’s happy. 

The good news is this morning, his lymphnodes are smaller. They are nowhere near back to normal, but they are visibly smaller than they were yesterday, which is pretty awesome. 

He sure is a little fighter. 

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