An Odd Day 

It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

Facebook memories reminded me that three years ago yesterday, we were in Lake Placid kayaking with Toby .

Yesterday, my Dad and I, kayaked out into the same area and shared a little bit of Toby with the lake, making him an eternal resident. Lake Placid was the first place Toby ever went kayaking in the Adirondacks as a 7-month-old puppy.

The ironic part — we had made plans to do this yesterday, well before Facebook showed me that memory.

In fact, over the weekend when we talked about the possibility of when we could do it, we were drawn to doing it that day despite me having to take off of work to do it. But, for some reason, I was so drawn to that day and felt like it just had to be then. On the drive up to Lake Placid, Facebook showed me the memory above.

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