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Dog-Friendly Green Bean Casserole

When I think of Thanksgiving food, one of the first things I think of is a green bean casserole. I used to always be in charge of making it for our Thanksgiving dinner.

This dog-friendly green bean casserole takes under a minute to make and includes healthy ingredients for your dog. Maddux, who love green beans, went crazy for it.

Dog-Friendly Green Bean Casserole

by Michelle Maskaly, My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much 

1/4 cup canned cut green beans rinsed, drained and cut in half again

2 teaspoons plain, non-fat Greek yogurt

In a small bowl, combine the green beans and yogurt. Gentle mix together.

That’s it!

Super easy and pretty healthy. Both a little bit of green beans and a little bit of plain non-fat Greek yogurt is good for most dogs … in moderation of course.



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