Homemade Dog Treats

A Thanksgiving Feast Fit for a … Dog

Starting tomorrow, we are sharing week of new dog-friendly recipes you can make for your four-legged family member, all inspired by a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Each day we will post a new recipe on our website, as well as add a link to it from this post.
We will be featuring Fall favorites like  pumpkins, as well as Thanksgiving inspired foods like green beans, turkey, cranberries and more. Each recipe has been created by me, and taste-tested by Bear and Maddux and a few of their doggie friends. And, in some cases tested by me as well – because all the ingredients are items you and I can also eat. I have tried to use minimum ingredients, and keep what is best for our pets in mind when creating these. Feel free to add, omit or put your own twist on the recipe to fit your dog’s needs and tastes. They are also super easy to make.

Just remember, these recipes are a special treat for your dog, and should be fed in moderation. They are not a balanced meal, and I am not a veterinary professional. These are not sponsored posts or products. Any products I may reference are products I have bought and use on a regular basis.

I’ve done my best to make the recipes tasty and appropriate for dogs, as well as visually appealing for their humans.

We hope you enjoy them as much as me, Maddux and Bear!

Here are the recipes:

dog friendly thanksgiving recipes

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