A Rescue Dog’s Holiday Tale

A Rescue Dog’s Holiday Tale

By Maddux Maskaly 


T’was the night before Puppy Bowl,

and I was a wreck.

I figured all I’d get that Christmas was coal,

while all the other puppies got a house with a deck.


I did have some hope,

that someone would pick me up and call me their own.

The next day, there was this girl who seemed kinda dope.

Apparently, she almost named me David Cone.


Abandoned, and left for dead,

I thought I’d never have my own bed.

But, now I sleep all warm and snug,

and when I need something all I do is give her a nudge.


What I am trying to say,

is that there will come a day,

that you’ll have a human to call your own.

Don’t give up hope, and enjoy your foster parents who are on loan,

as one day you’ll thank them

for finding you a home.

A Rescue Dog's Holiday Tale

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