Dog-Friendly Sunflower Maze in Sussex, New Jersey

A few weeks ago I took the dogs with me to a place I have wanted to visit for such a long time – the Sussex County Sunflower Maze. It was was extremely hot, but super beautiful. The maze is perfect for social dogs because there is a lot of stimulation, between all the people, other dogs and the maze path itself. That said, parts of the maze path are narrow, so if your dog isn’t social, I would suggest keeping to the outside perimeter of the maze.

One important tip. There are no water stations for the dogs, or people for that matter. So, especially on hot days, you might want to bring a bottle of water and collapsible dish with you for them to get a drink. I stopped twice to give my guys water while we were walking through the maze.

As you can see they were pretty hot, and being black dogs, I always worry about the heat being too much for them.

One other note, I used to use a leash coupler with Toby and Maddux because they were the same size. Now, to make waking two dogs easier, I put Maddux on a leash that wraps around my waist, which leaves a free hand for Bear’s leash. This seems to work pretty well, mostly because Maddux walks very well on a leash without needing much direction, giving me two free hands to work with Bear.

If you enjoy sunflowers, here are some pics of them, too.

Can you tell the pups were hot and pooped after the maze?

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