Pet-Friendly Business Consulting

Pet-Friendly Business Consulting

As the former editor-in-chief of Pet Age magazine, a lifelong pet owner and pet industry insider, Michelle Maskaly has a unique perspective on the more than $60 billion industry.

From the consumer, to the manufacturer and distributor relationship, to the social media marketing and PR efforts needed to build success, right down to the pet retailer and veterinarian, she understands the business.

She also deeply understands the relationship between a person and their pet. More people want to take their pet with them when they leave the house. Whether it is to brunch, on vacation or to the beach,  being pet-friendly and dog-friendly is an attractive market these days. And, it’s growing.

As a dog-friendly business coach, Michelle Maskaly works with various businesses to help them become dog friendly and help attract new customers. These businesses include hotels, chambers of commerce, restaurants and more.

Whether it’s what supplies you need, how to train your staff or how to incorporate pet friendly events into your marketing plan, Michelle Maskaly, “The Dog-Friendly Business Coach™” can help. Please visit Platinum Horse Media for more information or email Michelle (at) platinumhorsemedia (dot) com


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