Treats, Treats, Treats at Jake Placid Doghouse in Lake Placid

It was like a Viennese table for dogs when we walked into the Jake Placid Doghouse in the village of Lake Placid. As soon as we opened the store’s door, Toby’s eyes opened wide, and he headed straight to the large blue, dog bone-shaped table in the middle of the store.

And, really, could you blame him? It was covered with dog-friendly cupcakes, birthday cakes and every possible cookie cutter doggie treats you could imagine! The ingredient list posted on the table was more something you would find at a health store from humans rather than in dog treats. So, you definitely feel comfortable giving these yummy goodies to your pup.

We picked up three goodies for Toby and he is LOVING them!

The stores also sells everything dog — from life jackets and leashes to sweaters and dog beer.

It’s also one of the few places in Lake Placid which is dog friendly. After being kicked out of the Olympic Sports Complex and being told we couldn’t eat at an outdoor restaurant with the pup, it was sooooo nice to walk into a store with Toby and be welcomed with open arms.

10 thoughts on “Treats, Treats, Treats at Jake Placid Doghouse in Lake Placid

  1. Wow!! Those treats look delicious! We walked by Jake Placid when we were in the area earlier this spring, but we happened to be there on a day that they were closed. Bummer! Did Toby get his picture taken in the bob sled?

  2. They must have been good, because he scarfed them down! He didn't get his picture in the bob sled, because it was pouring! Did you guys find Lake Placid dog friendly? It seemed like it was two years ago when we first went there, but this time, it was terribly not dog friendly. Really disappointing because all the hotels allow dogs.

  3. Beautiful Dog. :-), no dog's allowed in any hotels here in Australia, that I am aware of. Such a shame. We can eat with the dog at some sidewalk cafes.

  4. After starting a dog bakery a few years ago, a friend of mine finally opened a lovely storefront for her goodies and pet related products in the historic section of our town. It gets lots of foot traffic, and she's very pleased with how it's going. It's like walking into a people bakery, with the smell of cinnamon and dozens of delicious treats. Great to hear of small business success in today's economy!
    We hopped over from the Blog Hop. Hope you can visit us at Critter Alley!


  5. What? Kicked out of an OUTDOOR restaurant? That sounds ridiculous.

    I'm really impressed that the treat table had a posted ingredients list. I always see cutsy dog cookies that I know Prudence would love, but I'm afraid to buy them as there is no ingredients list to be seen and Pru is allergic to wheat. The sailboat/pirate ship cookie is rather cute.

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