BlogPaws – It’s a Blogging Conference So Why Haven’t You Blogged?

BlogPaws was such a blast – so educational, fun and inspirational! But, it’s exhusting…in a very good way.

The days were packed with sessions about SEO, writing better, how to help shelter and homeless animals, how to turn your passion into a career, social media tips – literally everything you can think of. But, it’s not just about the sessions, there is networking opportunities, award luncheons, scavenger hunts, exhibits, vendors, cocktail receptions and more. And, everyone is so friendly that a simple networking opportunity turns into grabbing dinner with people you’ve never met and then staying up till 2 a.m. having a drink and talking about how you can all help each other for a great cause. Part of it, too is that we all are live tweeting during the conference with information about the sessions so people who couldn’t make it could still follow along. So after you’ve starred at a Blackberry, iPad (which was on loan to me for the weekend) or computer, the last thing you really want to do is write a crazy long blog post.

I’ve been going to conferences for at least the past 10 years and this is by far the best networking and educational one for what I do. Many of the sessions on social media, marketing and SEO applied to things I do in my everyday job that I can now take back and use there, too.

You can see how getting the chance to sit and write something interesting would be hard with all that going on! So, there will be at least a week or two of BlogPaws related posts and giveaways! Besides being sponsored at BlogPaws by Cesar, we got got great swag that we will be giving away. Plus, we WON a special pet vacuum from Bissell for us and a shelter of our choice!

So, here is a sneak peek at some of the upcoming posts My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much will be writing in the coming days and weeks:

*Cesar Canine Cusine giveaways
*BlogPaws swag
*Art for a cause
*Images from BlogPaws West
*Service animals
*Be the Change
*Pettie Awards
*Shelter contests
*Save This Pup

There’s a whole lot more, too, but i’m so ready to board my plane and get home to see Toby! He didn’t come with me this time, which did give me the chance to go explore Denver and get some awesome posts for an upcoming project I will be launching soon, but I really, really missed him and cannot wait to give him a big hug! Cosmo, our pals over at To Dog With Love, was a great stand-in for Toby when I needed a doggie hug, but it was really weird not to have Toby with me.

Here are just a few shots from BlogPaws West!

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