Pet Trek On the Go Gear Pack: Holiday Pet Gift Guide 2010

This Pet Trek On the Go Gear Pack is ideal for anyone who travels with their pet, whether it be to the park for a walk or five hours away for the holiday weekend.

Created by Base Brands, the multi-compartment, durable bag can be used to carry all your emergency staples – extra medicine, leashes and collar, as well as vaccination papers, baby wipes and poop bags, while still having room to add in last-minute items like food and treats.

What I really like about this is if you have more than one pet you are traveling with, you can place the pet’s picture in the outside frame, to identify which bag has which pet’s food and documents.  This is extremely important if your pet has a specific medication or food they get. By using this pack, it won’t get mixed up!

It also includes a feeding bag, making giving your dog dinner on the road, super easy!

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2 thoughts on “Pet Trek On the Go Gear Pack: Holiday Pet Gift Guide 2010

  1. This pack looks great. It would come in handy for all our agility and flyball classes, easier to keep things in one place. Cute, too. Thanks for the recommendation!

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