A Hartz Holiday – Gifts for Your Dog

Toys, toys, toys! There was a box full of them courtesy of Hartz, waiting for Toby to try out, and to include in our first gift guide. Buying toys for Toby is a riot, because he is such a chewer, they typically don’t last long, but so far he’s only completely destroyed one of these. And, to be fair, he had so much pent up energy from being on crate rest for two weeks, he was ready to destroy anything and everything!

I decided to let him play with the Run N’ Romp — a toy constructed of durable canvas on the outside, soft polyester filling on the inside and a squeaker — while I started to clean up the other toys. He was having so much fun with it I started laughing and snapping photos.

With all the other toys still on the floor, I decided –  why not just have some fun with this, and use it as a training of sorts. Christmas came early for Toby… I let him pick one-by-one what toy he wanted to play with (not before making him sit, stay and wait, before every one)

The first one he went for was the ‘Game, Set, Match‘ classic tennis ball dog toy featuring custom rubber formula made exclusively for Hartz. He grabbed it in the plastic and figure out how to open the package before I could stop and open it for him.

After letting him pick one more, I started throwing new toys into the mix, like the Tough Stuff Nose Divers, durable toys with a heavy-duty nylon shell and durable twisted rope that are perfect for tug-of-war games, and the Nature’s Collection Quackers, realistic plush dog toys that look like real birds, come in a variety of colors and include interactive squeakers.

There was also Hartz’s  Floppy Fantasy, which is constructed of soft, plush bodies with dual stitched pressure points for added strength, and the Dura Play Ball, made from a washable foam-filled latex material, perfect for chewing.

Overall, I would say the following four toys below were Toby’s absolute favorite, but you can find all the toys and some others we are suggesting as part of our holiday gift guide at the My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much Amazon store. 

You’ll also find some fun cat toys there, too since Toby has many kitten cousins we like to buy, and find fun stuff for as well!

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