New Pedigree Commercial and Pedigree Foundation News

Non-profit, tax-exempt animal shelters and rescue organizations, this is for you — the Pedigree Foundation is offering two types of grants to help dogs find loving homes.

Launched on the Pedigree Foundation website yesterday, all shelters and dog rescues in the U.S. with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status can apply for one-time operation and innovation grants.

Operation grants are intended to help with basic operating costs such as adoption fees, medical care, spay/neuter, and transportation, while innovation grants are awarded to qualifying organizations based on their use of creative programs and projects that increase dog adoptions, according to the foundation.

Pedigree also launched a new commercial focusing on the nutritional benefits of their newly formulated food. The commercial is absolutely adorable, and I’m sure the making of it must have been a blast.


3 thoughts on “New Pedigree Commercial and Pedigree Foundation News

  1. Hi Michelle,
    I want to share the message below from my daughter and ask for your help.

    "Hi guys,

    I have been searching Jack's entire life for a look alike breed. You have to click on the link I posted below and then click on the Pedigree commercial with the yellow background. It's Jack!! Just in a different color. The scruff, the ears, the nose, the demeanor, the white belly, the eyes. I can't believe it. Help me email Pedigree to find out what the hell kind of dog that is. "

    Michelle, the dog in the pedigree commercial above is our Jack's identical twin brother. No kidding! We have been searching for 13 years to find his breed. Please help us with any info by posting here. Who made the commercial?
    Many thanks.

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