Potcake Collars: Fashion with a Mission

What’s in there, Mom?! Is it for me?

Potcake Collars are not just a stylish accessory for your dog, but are also meant to bring awareness to the homeless dogs that roam the streets of the Bahamas and other neighboring islands.

The term “potcake,” as explained on their website is used to describe what’s left at the bottom of a pot of peas and rice after its been cooked several times. This leftover food is typically give to the native island dogs to chow down on. As a result these dogs have become known as potcakes, and there is a growing movement to get these dogs off the streets.

I had never heard of these dogs before receiving a collar to test out. But, as soon as I started paging through the websites listed on the Potcake Collars website, I was immediately amazed at the work that is being done on behalf of these dogs.

The collars sport a tropical look, you would typically find on women’s sundresses or men’s shirts. It gives your pup a cool and fun, summer look.

 I like the bright yellow on Toby, because it stood out — especially good if you are at the dog park.

Potcake Collars are made in the United States and have a quick release function — which is required by some dog daycares. (I know the place I used to bring Toby required them.)

Believe it, or not, Toby is very particular about his collars. If there is one he likes he will not rest until it is on him, and usually when I take his normal collar off, he fights like heck and begs until I put it back on. So far, he’s kept the Potcake one one for about two hours already without a fuss.

You can read more about Potcake dogs on Wikipedia and on Potcake Place, a rescue site featured on the Potcake Collars’ website, as well as national news websites.

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