Such a Rainy Friday

I think we should have changed that title to “Such a Rainy Week.” It’s been constant rain here in upstate New York for the past week. It did stop for a little bit the other day – at least enough to get in a quick Toby walk.

As I’ve mentioned before, Toby hates the rain. Getting him to go out in it is tough enough, never mind actually getting him to take a walk in it. We are on our way to New Jersey for a while and this weekend we will be at the NYC Pet Show! If you’re going to be there, come say hello!

We were also just looking at prices for flights to Super Zoo in Las Vegas – wow – crazy expensive. Instead of just flying out for the show, it might be cheaper to look into one of those week-long vacation packages. I’m hoping to have our online store up and running by then, too – so we would be able to not just recommend fun pet products, but also give you the ease of one-stop web shopping.

Have a happy Friday!

One thought on “Such a Rainy Friday

  1. Does Toby tip toe through the grass? Becky hates the rain. I have to carry her to the far side of the yard and deposit her there to get her to go. Kodee is much more reasonable! Have fun at the show! Photos….

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