Quick BarkWorld Recap

BarkWorld was so much fun!

It was my first time at this particular social media conference for the pet industry, and I have to say it was very nice. In its second year, the conference is still small and intimate, but also attracted a nice group of speakers, attendees and influencers in the social space.

After the first few hours of the conference programs on Friday, I got a very “Blog Worldish” feel. BlogWorld is a social media conference that bring together the top social media talent, influencers and speakers from a variety of backgrounds. Much of what was being talked about at Bark World could be applied to any industry using social media — they were skills that can crossover into different professions.

 Here is how I’ve been describing it to people: I tweet dog related stuff from @Toby_Pup and my @mmaskaly account is more professional and social media, news, marketing, PR focused. During the sessions, I found myself tweeting more from @mmaskaly than @toby_pup, because there were a ton of social media and PR tips that I thought my professional followers would be interested in.

I’ll be posting more soon (I’m actually on the flight on the way back home), but it might take a little bit. Tomorrow morning I leave for five days in Disney World!! No, Toby is not coming, but there is likely going to be a pet related component to my trip to Orlando that was a direct result of going to Bark World. More on that later 🙂

Enjoy photos from the event below and to see all our Bark World photos, visit our Facebook album.

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