Pet Stores Misled Customers on Origin of Dogs, Humane Society Says

More than 4,500 puppies in New York came from large-scale commercial breeding or brokering operations in during a four-month period in 2011, according to a new investigation by The Humane Society of the United States.

And, if you think that stat is nauseating, it gets worse.

The Human Society says they found at least 11 New York
City-area pet stores making misleading claims concerning the origin of their
puppies. The stores got  their puppies from
large-scale commercial breeding facilities, despite specific claims of “no
puppy mills” or misleading statements implying that their sources were
small “private breeders.”

high-priced pet stores claim to sell dogs from small private breeders,
 but are actually pushing dogs from huge Midwest puppy mills with some of
the worst federal Animal Welfare Act violations imaginable,” said Jonathan
Lovvorn, senior vice president for investigations at The HSUS, in a press release. “Consumers are
being duped into buying puppies born to breeding dogs who spend their entire
lives trapped in tiny wire cages, churning out litter after litter.”

You can see the full investigation, which caught the attention of media outlets like The Huffington Post and NBC New York,  in this pdf document.

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