Not Every Toy Is for the Dog

I was unpacking the car earlier and put all the bags on the floor in the house. I came back in from being outside talking with the neighbor and I couldn’t find Toby. I yelled a few times, but he didn’t come.

My first instinct was to get paranoid that he slipped out the door, but had he done that I’m sure he would have followed me, because I was playing with the neighbor’s newish puppy. Not on the couch, not in the kitchen, not on my bed.

Then, I went into the spare bedroom and there was Toby on the other side of the bed, and this is what I found:

 That stuffed bear was not a dog toy, but Toby dug it out of the bags I brought in from the car and made it into one. And, he wouldn’t give it up!

Poor bear!

Enjoy the pet bloggers hop:

5 thoughts on “Not Every Toy Is for the Dog

  1. It doesn't matter to Manny and Marcuz if the toy is suppose to be for dog, cat, or hooman if they want it its theirs.

    Doesn't matter what size it is either.

    Congrats again on your twitter win.

  2. Toby definitely agrees with Yogi, Manny and Marcuz — everything is a dog toy!

    Jo, thanks! We're excited about winning a pass to BlogPaws. Now, we just need to find a sponsor to help us pay for the flight and airfare.

    @KrittersThatTwitter — He did love that non toy … a lot!

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