Toby Approved Reflective Dog Jacket From Target

As you know, Toby hates wearing jackets, sweaters, rain coats — pretty much any type of dog clothing. In the past four years, I can count on one hand when he’s worn one, and it’s usually been when he’s been super cold — or getting a lot of attention.

The other night I was taking him with me to go watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks by the lake and was worried he would be cold. After a lot of hesitation I purchased a Boots & Barkely medium size reflective jacket at Target.

It was $9.99 and I figured since it was reflective and we were going to be working in a very dark area, it would be good. Plus, it was fleece like on the inside and Toby loves anything fleece.

To my surprise, Toby immediately took to the jacket, because as I explained to him, he wasn’t going to come with me if he didn’t wear it.

Sure enough, Toby wore the jacket the whole time without a fuss. These come few and far between, but I think he might like this. I like it because it’s reflective and good for walking at night. 

How are your dogs with wearing jackets and sweaters to keep warm? Do they love it, hate it or tolerate it?

5 thoughts on “Toby Approved Reflective Dog Jacket From Target

  1. My kitties will NOT wear anything LOL, they snuggle with the space heater if its too cold for them. But I love that Toby will wear a reflective jacket, then drivers can see him better too! Stay warm little guy, winter is here. burrrr

  2. Greta has no issues wearing a sweater. She knows it means she gets to go outside or for a ride, so she gets all excited when I get it out. It's just tough getting it on because she's pawing at it excitedly.

  3. Both our dogs are fine wearing their coats, this is a really good price you paid. Unfortunately they both are scared of fireworks so its horendous for us we have to listen to Harveys squeeky toy all night to get rid of his stress, while Gwen hides underneath the chair all night!!

  4. Daisy loves, loves loves her coat. She sits very patiently for me to put it on and then as soon as we come back in the door, she runs and hides on the couch while I am unhooking the other dogs and tries to keep her coat on. She loves to be as warm as possible. That is why she loves the Daisy throne of heat!

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