Do I Sound Creepy?

For a good three hours today my day went something like this:

“Hi! Would you like some hot chocolate, a hot dog or some pulled pork? It’s a donation to help fund the Lake George Skate Plaza”

Followed almost immediately by:

“Oh my gosh, your dog is so cute! Can I take a picture of them?”

Yes, I was partly doing it because many times if you engage and show interest in something of theirs, the person is more willing to buy your product, but it’s also because I love dogs and sharing photos of ones we meet.

Halfway through the day, I wondered if I sounded creepy. I mean if I asked to take a photo of your kid, I would likely end up in jail, and for many of us our dog is like our kid, right?

That’s when I feel like I had to explain I write a pet website and I would love to share your dog’s photo on there and on our Facebook page. 

I feel like there’s some dog owners code that makes taking photos of other people’s dogs OK — like a complement of sorts. It always makes me smile when someone wants a photo of Toby or, like when “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” was popular, with Toby.

Do you take, and/or share, photos of other dogs you meet?

5 thoughts on “Do I Sound Creepy?

  1. I also found you on the Grow Your Blog Hop. And then of course since that picture looks much like my OWN Landseer…
    nice to meet you.
    Now checking you out on Pinterest.

  2. People ask if they can take pictures of Nola all the time! I'm okay with it as long as they ask first and don't give me (or Nola) the creeps
    Dachshund Nola's Mommy

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