A Visit to the Orange County Choppers’ Store

I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve passed the Orange County Choppers building — from the hit Discovery show American Chopper — almost weekly on my trips between New Jersey and the Adirondacks. At this point it’s likely in the thousands.

We finally got to stop there on Labor Day weekend on our way north with friends Vikki and Les, and little did I know how insanely dog-friendly their store is! Since Toby seems to love motorcycles, I decided I would try to bring him in the store, and if it said no dogs on door, or they said something to me, I would just go back outside.

Wasn’t I pleasantly surprised when, as I walked in the door with Toby under my arm, the girls at the counter started gushing over him, and told me that I didn’t have to hold him, because leashed dogs were allowed to walk around the store with us!

I was beyond excited, and we took full advantage of it, to take some fun photos to share with you — like this one with a statue of Paul Sr.

The building is part store, part workshop and part museum, that features some of their most famous bikes. Plus, they have an entire section on their wall full of Orange County Chopper dog products, including toys, leashes, biker jackets, dishes and place mats.

Sorry for the blurry iPhone photo!

I don’t know how Toby knows, but he pulled his way over to the biker jackets and immediate started begging and getting excited — this from a dog who can take off a sweater in seconds because he hates wearing it. I catered to him, and put the jacket on him, which included putting his paws through the sleeves, something Toby usually 100 percents hates. Not this time.

He put on that jacket with no issues and started prancing. I walked him over to the girls at the counter and said, “here’s my credit card … it looks like we’re going home with this.”

I knew the Orange County Choppers as this — a workshop and company that builds custom bikes. {Yes, you can watch them work, but they were already finished for the day.}

But, what I didn’t know was that Paul, Sr. is a huge animal lover, and that they frequently participate, and hold pet related events at their building. If we hasn’t liked them already, that would have definitely won us over.

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  1. We totally don't know American Chopper but our dad watches the American Restoration show and Car – something on History channel all the time (MOL!). Dude, Toby! You looking mighty fine, posing by that statue!

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