Fun With Friends

Last weekend was a blast! For both me and Toby, actually. We pretty much spend four days with my friend Jen and Toby’s friend Jenks (Jen’s dog). 

First they came it my house, which they do on a frequent basis. So, there was not much out of the ordinary there. 
But, Saturday, Toby and I went to Jen’s place. I was a little worried how Toby would be since he had never been there before and we were going to be leaving them alone while we went out that night.
I brought one of his favorite fleeces and even the pillow from my bed that he loves. 
Pretty much didn’t need either. 
As soon as we got out of the car he couldn’t pull fast enough to go see Jen. He ran right up her stairs, we let him of his leash and he roomed all over her apartment. Then he came out of a room with a ball in his mouth and started throwing it so we would play. 
He was a nut. 
I was so happy that he was happy and active and apparently felt right at home. He even played really well with Jenks. 


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