Kurgo's Surf n Turf Dog Coat

We recently had the opportunity to select a Kurgo item to review. We chose their Surf n Turf life vest and coat in one. 

Living in the mountains and enjoying both winter and summer activities, one jacket that can satusfy both was very appealing to me. 

First, lets start with the quality of the product. It is good, and I usually find a lot of faults with many pet products. Thier size is spot-on. In most cases I have to get Toby a medium becuase he is long, and no matter what the size chart says, a small never fits him, even thiught that is really what he should be wearing.m
So when I ordered a medium and it arrived, and was way too big for him, I was really surprised. Their sizes are actually “normal.” They were super nice and sent me the small, and It fit Toby perfectly. 
It covered his back and fit nicely around him. 

I really like the adjustable neck strap and the adjustable straps around the belly. It makes making sure it fits him properly a breeze. 

Another design element I really like is that it doesnt come too far up his neck when he sits. Sometimes, lifevests come right up to his chin and he looks totally uncomfortable. 
The vest, and coat, combo seems very sturdy. Since its winter, we clearly didn’t get to use it in the kayak, but there are times, like when Toby decides he wants to take a random dip in the water and then feeaks out, that I need to pull him out using the handle on the top of the vest. When I tried it, it didn’t feel like Toby was unsteady, or going to fall out of it at all. It held him nicely. 


What I really likeis that I can  easily remove the the flotation layer and it can be used as a wateproof coat. This, we did try, in all the recent rain, and it worked well. An added benfit, which I have not tried yet, but it is available is that the Kurgo Wander Coat can be inserted into the shell for extra warm during cold months. 
In addition to practical use, could see this being very beneficial on a long road trip, that included various climates.  It is one coast that solves multitude of problems. 

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