They Really Do Love Each Other

Clearly, I was a little nervous when I brought Maddux home. Ok, a lot nervous. 

What if Toby didn’t like him? Yes, we were just doing a weekend trial, but I would have felt terrible if we had to give him back at the end of the weekend, having given him false home that he had found a home. 
There was a few moments of upset, but for the most part, their play and overall interactions were excellent, at least that’s what everyone told me. I even made my aunt FaceTime with me so sencould watch them play, to get her opinion. 
Maddux immediately fell in love with Toby and wanted to snuggle and be with him everywhere he went. Toby was not very interested in this, because, well, he was not used to it. 
A few weeks ago that started to change, as now they burry into each other and even lie in the same bed sometimes. 
I have been trying to document this the best I can, through the photos below. Of course, they usually move before I can snap the photo! 

The first few weeks, Toby really wanted his space. Then, we slowly started to get closer. 

And then, they became best buds! 

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