My Love/Hate Relationship with Chemo

My love/hate relationship with chemo is simple. I hate it, because poor Toby gets sleepy and little lethargic the first few days after his treatment. I love it, because it’s keeping the lymphoma controlled, and giving my dog more quality time on this Earth.

Actually, it’s not chemo I hate, it’s more the prednisone that drives me crazy, because it makes Toby a bit wacky and nothing pleases him. It makes me feel helpless.
He will sit and beg for hours, and nothing I give him, or do for him, is what he wants. He also seems to want nothing to do with Maddux when he’s on the prednisone full force.

But, again, it’s working, and I’m in no way complaining.

His last chemo treatment was March 4, and he did great. His oncologist was very pleased with everything.

I always try to do something special for him the day of his treatment. This time, I made pupcakes.

Maddux came with us for the ride, and after Toby’s treatment, Maddux went to the  PetValue near the oncologist and picked out a few treats for Toby!

I try not to schedule anything after his treatments so I can spend time with him, and keep an eye on him just in case he has an adverse reaction.
Knock on wood, he hasn’t, but he does get sleepy and tired. It may sound silly, but if he wants to cuddle and snuggle because he’s sleepy and not feeling well after chemo, I want to be there for him.

I love when he lets me hold his paw like this. It seriously makes me melt.

As for the prednisone, we have been slowly taking him off of it. He’s down to a half of a pill every other day. Our next chemo/oncologist visit is April 1.

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