Prednisone Dog Is Back

Last weekend, not the one that just past, but the previous one, I noticed Toby’s lymphnodes were larger than they were a week before. Of course, this happened on the one year “anniversary” of his diagnosis, because, well, that’s my luck. 

I panicked a little, and emailed his oncologist. We both agreeded because it was very specific to Toby, I would wait till he was in on Tuesday to bring Toby to the office. 

The bad news, his right lymphnode was slightly more enlarged than it already was, and his left lymphnode was also starting to be enlarged a bit. 

The medium news, none of his other lymphnodes were swollen and his blood work was great, so it might have been just allergies, but we are not sure.  He was also due for his next chemo. So we did that and then he also upped his prednisone to a full table in the morning and a half table at night. We can only go up another half tablet in the future if this doesn’t work. 

The good news, it seems to have worked. He has another check up tomorrow, but as of today, I cannot feel his lymphnodes swollen at all. 

But, “Prednisone Toby,” as I like to say, is back. This means, occasional accidents in the house, being fussy about not wanting to be snuggled, waking up multiple times during the night to eat or go out, begging like crazy and not having a clue what he wants and other little behavioral difference that are just not normal Toby. 

The thing is, at least right now, it’s not as bad as it was, which is making me a little nervous that he is not starting to feel well, the prednisone is what’s keeping him active. Or, I could just be paranoid. 

Note: I wrote this Monday evening. And it’s now 7am Tuesday morning and Toby kept me up all night. He wouldn’t sleep in my bed and all he wanted was for all three of us to sleep on the couch with him. So, of course, Maddux and I moved downstairs on the couch with him. 

He kept wanting food and barking at me. I took him out but he didn’t have to do anything. Of course at 6am he decided it was finally time to go to sleep and cuddled in nicely on my stomach under the blanket. 

Toby gets what Toby wants. 

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