The New Type of Bear Hug

I’ve been so wrapped up in Toby, my job, life, trying to figure out where to live and just trying to keep my head above water that I haven’t even had time to really write about Bear, our new addition. He has a very cool story, which someday I’ll get around to writing.

For now, I thought it would be fun to share some cute photos of him from last night when he finally laid with me on the couch.

Bear doesn’t realize his size – at all. So, he thinks he can do whatever Maddux and Toby can do. He’s seen them lie with me this way on the couch. This time he decided he would take their couch spot for a bit while they were sitting with my dad.

He’s just too cute. Except for my hands, mt dad couldn’t even see when he was sitting right across from me on the couch

He didn’tstay long like this with me, but I’ll take any bit I can get as he is adjusting to his new life.

Think Im happy it worked out that I could take him home m? 😉

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