Maddux & Bear’s First Time Hiking Together in Lake George 

Bear and Maddux went on their first hike together over the weekend and it went way better than I expected! It was also Bear’s first hike in the Adirondacks.

First off, I had this crazy idea that in the winter I could take Bear cross country skiing with me. After his excitement on this hike, I’m not sure him plus me on skis will be the smartest idea. He will drag me across the lake, through trees, etc.

To say that they were happy to be in the woods would be an understatement. Maddux loves being in the woods and hiking, and apparently, so does Bear. Once they got into a rhythm, they were adorable together

We hiked around the Lake George Rec Center in the southern Adirondacks, and followed a trail Maddux and I had never been on before. When we ran into the large waterfall, which my photos don’t do any justice, I was thrilled.

Getting to the waterfall to take the photo was a bit tricky. It had rained for two days straight before we went hiking and the streams were running strong. There was a board that you could walk across and if I didn’t have two dogs attached to me, I might have tried that, but instead we found a section of stream that had rock we could step across. Bear, who loves water, ran across with no problem. I was a little worried about Maddux, but figured I could always pick him up and carry him. He surprised the heck out of me and ran right across.

They did really well together. But, we do have to work on Bear not pulling. very time there was a hill, slippery moss and rocks, or leaves, I was nervous Bear was going to pull me down. When we hiked Harpers Ferry, he didn’t pull as much, so I don’t know if it was because of Maddux, the fact he was stuck inside for two days with the rain or he was just overly excited.

Having Bear with us did make me feel much more confident in the woods, which was one of the reasons I wanted a dog like Bear. However, I swear my mind never stops, because then all I worried about was what if Bear pulls and I drop his leash accidentally or Maddux slips his harness, or we run into a real bear or coyote, or a snake, or if it got too dark too quick … My mind seriously never stops. I should have been the happiest girl – my woods, my dogs and a beautiful waterfall. They were even listening to me so I could take awesome photos of them  together. Yet, instead, I spent half the time worrying, nervous and anxious. I have got to learn to relax and be more confident in myself.

Overall, it was so much fun, the boys did great together and I cannot wait to do more hiking with them!

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