Maddux’s Health Scare

If you follow us on social media, Facebook or Instagram, you will know that we had quite the scare with Maddux over the weekend. Thank goodness it ended up not being anything serious, but he is on strict crate rest for two weeks.

Long story short, Maddux was acting funny for a few days. It ended up he had a mild ear infection. However, what made us go to the emergency vet on Sunday was the loud scream he let out while bark, the hunched position he was in and his unwillingness to jump up on the couch.

Maddux at emergency vet


It was crazy busy in the emergency vet on Sunday and the poor veterinarian was the only doctor there. Right before we arrived, they had a Chihuahua whose eye popped out of the socket. So scary and obviously much more critical than Maddux’s issue.

Once they did examine him, they gave him a steroid shot, cleaned his ears and sent us home with prednisone and ear medications. But, they also said Maddux might never be able to do agility again and because he strained muscle in his back, and we would have to limit jumping.

Wait, what?!

So, we took him to his regular veterinarian on Monday afternoon, and thank goodness that is not the case. After an examination and a detailed x-ray, they concluded this was an isolated incident that is not chronic and should not cause any future issues. It was just a freak thing, and she thinks he just pulled a muscle. She even told us of an incident where a dog hurt their back because they were barking so much.

To say I was relieved would be an understatement.

Maddux is currently on two weeks of just crate rest and is so good about getting his ear drops and taking his medication. So far, his only reaction to the prednisone is being a little more awake than normal but he is not bouncing off the walls like Toby used to when he was on it.


dog on crate rest


Bear seems a little confused by why Maddux is in his crate all day and night except to go out. And, I am back to temporarily sleeping on the couch just in case Maddux needs to go out and so that he doesn’t have to go up and down stairs or be carried. Next week, I may set up an x-pen in my bedroom so he can sleep upstairs in my bed.


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