Getting Excited for BlogPaws!

BlogPaws is just about two weeks away and I cannot wait!

Until I saw a thread on Twitter months ago, I didn’t even know there was going to be a wonderful conference dedicated to pet bloggers! I’m really looking forward to meeting like-minded people who have a passion for both animals and pets.

After much debate, I’ve decided to take Toby with me, because he is an awesome traveler and someday I hope to write a book about our travels – so what better way to get started than on our way to a pet blogging conference! Plus, our furry friends are welcome at the actual conference!

I will be writing about our trip both here, and at my other other blog, Fun.Friends.Adventure. Once the conference is over we will be heading to upstate New York for a week, which is sure to be a great time!

So, join us as we start packing our bags and hit the road for our ride to Ohio! : )

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