Can I Have Some ADK Wine?

Toby tried to taste some Adirondack Winery wine after a great event at their location.
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4 thoughts on “Can I Have Some ADK Wine?

  1. Oh, how funny! How much did he drink? And did he get tipsy afterwards? What did he think of the wine? I have a client who has a big martini glass for his cat to drink out of and I wonder if Toby should have a martini glass as his water bowl from now on! Good idea, right?

  2. He just got a sip, but anytime anyone around him is having a beer or a glass of wine, he always tried to get some. He loves it.

    The martini glass as a water bowl is hysterical. Hmmm.. maybe Toby needs a beer mug or a wine glass as his new water dish.

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