Nature’s Animals Dog Biscuits

Toby will put anything in his mouth — rabbit poop, paper towels, coins, a piece of fuzz, — literally anything, until it comes to treats. He gets very picky, not unlike me, who only likes to give him healthy, low-fat treats that won’t make him become one of those bloated, overweight chihuahuas. (I have a theory on that, which I will share in a later post.

My go-to treat is usually something from Blue Dog Bakery, but I thought maybe if I gave him a better variety of treats he would stop wanting to chew things and a put everything he comes across in his mouth. So, I purchased a Nature’s Animals chicken dog treat from Pet Good in Paramus, N.J.

They are hand made and seem to be made with ingredients that I can pronounce. And, the best part is that Toby loved it, and didn’t have any adverse stomach reactions, which he sometimes does with other, more popular brand treats out there on the market.

I broke up the bone and stuffed his Kong with it – several times! lmost always I make Toby work for his treats. It teaches them nothing is free and reminds them who is the leader of the pack. Plus, it exercises their mind to make them concentrate on something.

The only problem, once he starts playing with it, pieces of the treats tend to get all over the floor — but no worries, Toby cleans them up.

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  1. A great tip I got from… somewhere (dunno where) is to buy some pumpkin (just pure mashed up canned pumpkin, no other ingredients), add it to the Kong & then freeze it. My dogs *love* the frozen Kongs and it takes them a good while to get all the chow out. And pumpkin is good for the stomache and low calorie. Fab trick.

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