Knowing the Signs of Heatstroke in Your Pet

Last weekend it was extremely hot in the Northeast, and I was very worried about Toby getting dehydrated or having a heatstroke. I know the typical signs of lethargic and panting, but it was hot, everyone was lethargic. So, I started to search around the web for some information and thought it would be good to share some signs of a heatstroke and tips for keeping your dog cool in these hot summer months.

The Animal Medical Center has a great blog post by Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, DACVIM, about heatstroke. She says in addition to an unusual amount of panting, you should watch for the inability to move, unresponsiveness, dry, dark red gums and an elevated heart rate. Dr. Hohenhaus also points out that many pet owners think dipping their dog in cold water will help cool off their pet. But, she says instead, take them to the ER.

Another tip from her blog is to keep an extra frozen bowl of water with you in the heat for your pup. It makes complete sense and is so easy to do! I like to take a cooler with me packed with ice and extra waters.

The Wichita Eagle recently published a story about how to protect your dogs from heatstroke. One warning sign was vomiting and diarrhea.

Also, remember to not keep your dog in a hot car. We all want to take our pups everywhere with us, but use common sense. If it’s too hot, leave them home — it’s for their own good.

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