North Woods Animal Treats

Whenever I travel and have to leave Toby at home, I always feel so guilty that I come home with so many toys and treats to make up for it. My friends say he gets spoiled worse than a little kid when their parents go on vacation.

So on this past trip to New Hampshire for the Dartmouth College graduation, we stopped in a little gift store in Vermont and of course I immediately found the dog toy and treat section. That’s where I found North Woods Animal Treats.

Shaped like various animals you would find in the woods like bears and moose, the treats had ingredients in them I would eat: whole wheat flour, wheat bran, carrots, parsley, parmesan cheese and honey! I of course bought two of their treats and Toby seems to love them!

They have all natural dog, cat and horse treats, as well as special products for the holidays.

Does anyone else pick up souvenirs for their pets while they are on vacation, or am I the only crazy one?

4 thoughts on “North Woods Animal Treats

  1. As soon as I saw the first picture of the treats I knew your post had to be about New Hampshire and I happy to say that my instincts were right! I live in NH and those moose shaped treats are in many area shops here and they are very popular! I hope Toby enjoyed eating the treats!

  2. Ha! He LOVES them! I want to take him hiking at Quechee Gorge which is right next to the store we stopped at, so we will absolutely be back there! It's about an hour trip from my place in upstate New York, I never realized how close everything was.

  3. I have to say, I don't! Does that make me evil? 🙂

    I do get something for my husband when I'm away… but for my dogs I put a (recycled) water bottle in an orphan sock and bid them happy playing!

    BUT- if ever I see a stuffable thing (that I can stuff with treats & freeze) it's all I can do not to buy it… those things are so dang handy…

  4. I'm always buying gifts for everyone, pets included, when I travel. It's actually a whole lot harder than it sounds to find cute, area-specific pet things.

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