Proportions Announces Winners of the Canine Nutrition Blogger Challenge

We have some really fun news! My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much landed in second place as part of the Proportions blogger challenge. We won a $50 gift card, which was donated to the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge. Big thanks to everyone who called in for their free sample to help out!

Congrats to first place winner Erin Dunn of All Dog Blog, and third place winner Paris Permenter of DogTipper who we were just hanging out with at BlogPaws!

Here is the press release we received from Proportions!

PLYMOUTH, MA. – (September 21, 2010) Proportions, a new canine nutrition brand that is supported by a six-time Inc., 5000 animal health corporation, announced  the winners of its “2010 Canine Nutrition Blogger Challenge” a contest designed to engage and  reward the blogger community for its ongoing commitment to the betterment of canine well being through proper nutrition. 
The contest ran in conjunction with Proportions’ Canine Nutrition University, a free, online series of topical content designed to educate dog owners about fresh ways of thinking about how they feed their dogs.  Each contestant received samples of Proportions “whole food” nutrition meals, along with a lesson plan from Tracie Hotchner, professor of Canine Nutrition University and renowned pet nutrition expert.   
Contestants were encouraged to educate themselves and their readers about overall nutrition facts and compare that with the Proportions’ program.  The contest garnered amazing results and after a difficult selection process Proportions’ is pleased to announce the winners: 
·         First place goes to Erin Dunn, All Dog Blog
·         Second place to Michelle Maskaly,  My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much,
·         Third place to Paris Permenter DogTipper
The first place winner will receive $200 and a spot as a guest on Dog Talk® radio with Hotchner, author of the Dog Bible and a 2010 GRACIE Award recipient, the radio equivalent of an Oscar, where she was named “Outstanding Host of an Entertainment / Information Show on Public Radio.”
The prizes for second and third place winners are gift cards in the amount of $50 for second place and $25 for third place.
Although not everyone placed in the contest, Proportions believes everyone who participated is a winner because they and their followers were able to learn more about canine nutrition and the Proportions program.
According to competition winner, Erin Dunn of All Dog Blog, the blogger competition allowed her the chance to compare Proportions against her dog’s current diet.  “[My dog’s] current food has ONE good ingredient. ONE. But Proportions has ELEVEN. ELEVEN! That is a HUGE difference in quality. HUGE.”
Additionally, second place winner Michelle Maskaly of My Tail Hurts from Wagging So Much has offered to donate her winnings to the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc. in New Jersey that is recovering from a recent flood.
Proportions plans to continue their educational outreach to bloggers through additional competitions. To be informed of upcoming challenges, please contact Caitlin@truenorthpr.com
Proportions has created a new, whole food canine nutrition program that encourages reducing the amount of kibble that is fed, replacing the calories in kibble with a human-grade protein-rich chicken stew and real fruits and vegetables, all in custom portions based on each dog’s unique needs.   
To start learn more about the nutrition program and to receive a sample please visit www.proportions.com  or call (800) 860-4956.
 Proportions is backed by SmartPak™ Canine, a web and catalog destination for food, nutritional supplements and a variety of top-quality dog products which provides thoughtful, custom nutrition to enhance and extend the lives of animals. To learn more about SmartPak™ Canine please visit:  www.smartpak.com

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