What to do With Your Dog on a Rainy Day?

Last week was rain central here on the East Coast, which made for one very unhappy puppy. And (!) it rained here *again* yesterday!

You would think Toby was part cat the way he hates water. Yes, he comes with me on the kayak, but to actually go in the water — that’s a whole other story. He doesn’t even like the rain getting him wet outside.

But, with such a high level activity level it’s hard to keep him occupied inside. He tends to get a little aggressive, chew things and I guess just be bored in general.

We’ve given him the stuffed Kong, but there are only so much peanut butter and other good-for-you treats one 12 pound dog can have.

It got us thinking — what other ways can you keep your dog active while stuck inside because of the rain? Any toy other than a Kong, he destroys in seconds, and other than literally just playing with him what else can we do to keep this pup’s mind and body active on an inside rainy day?

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5 thoughts on “What to do With Your Dog on a Rainy Day?

  1. Bella hates being wet too! When it's raining, I have to practically push her out the door to get her to go out. Luckily, Bella is pretty lazy, so she's content to snuggle on a rainy day.

  2. I like to play hide-and-seek with treats. I'll hide really smelly treats around the house – under a blanket, behind the sofa, on a bookshelf, etc. – completely out of sight. Then I tell them "find it," and they frantically run around the house, using their noses, trying to locate the treats. It keeps them busy, for at least a little while!

  3. Living in Seattle for 30+ years, I can honestly say, there is only one answer – and it only addresses part of the challenge: a dog door. Now, I have Golden Retrievers, they love water and don't mind being wet. So they are quite game for walks anytime day or night. During the winter I keep their feathers clipped short and have a good supply of dog towels in the entry way to wipe them down.

    We did spend 7 winters in North Idaho. Winter weather like Buffalo, NY! Trained both Goldens how to walk on the treadmill. As far as business – lots of shoveling deep snow so they could make their deposits. Note: I had 2-dogs. They kept each other company and played when they were bored.

  4. waiting to hear what others have to say. I have this problem with my Sheltie EVERY DAY…sunny or not…he is the ONLY dog in the ENTIRE WORLD who REFUSES to take walks. We live on the 2nd floor of a condo so I can't just let him out into the "backyard"…we have a cat and I swear my Sheltie thinks he is a cat!
    I feel awful because I know he is bored, I just don't know what to do about him anymore!

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