Nero the Dog’s Take on Pet Adoption

Hi, I’m Nero. This is my first blog. I’m not sure what a blog is, but here goes. 
I have a good life here with my people; Ivy, who is a fluffy old dog, and 4 cats. The cats are ok except for the sharp stuff like fangs and claws. My favorite is Felicity. She likes to sleep on top of me.
Some dogs don’t have a nice life like me. They gotta live in cages like when I stay at the vet’s for vacation. It’s ok for a couple of days because Trish is really nice and there are plenty of other dogs there, but I wouldn’t want to live in one. Some dogs have to eat out of garbage cans. Now, that’s fun once in a while, especially when the folks next door have their granddaughter for a couple of days, babies waste a lot of good food, but it’s not good to have to scrounge for food every day. 
So, if everybody who wants a dog (and who doesn’t?) went to a shelter or to one of those adoption days and took a dog or two, dogs wouldn’t have to live outside. And, you could even take a cat, too, if you want one. But cats kinda just show up, at least at our house. Or a rabbit or a guinea pig. They are kinda silly critters, but their poop is a nice treat, except my people get mad at me for eating it. At least I don’t go in the litter box. And horses. Horses have really good poop. Everybody should have one.
So, that’s what I have to say about pet adoption.

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