Who’s REALLY Leader of the Pack – Dogs or Cats?

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Dogs vs. cats — who’s the better pack member? Our resident dog, Little Greg, and cat, Richter, present two sides of the argument.
Why dogs rule
We dogs are pack animals, which means that unlike those nasty, self-absorbed felines, we’ve got your back.
My humans and I dry each other off after a walk in the rain and cuddle with one another when we’re sleepy.  I lick the tears off their faces when they’re sad, watch the home while they go for all-day walks they call work, and always get super excited to see them. There’s also a pretty lady-dog named Peggy Sue in our pack, and although Pegs is still a young pup, she’s really doing her part. She’s especially good at barking at random sounds and licking the humans uncontrollably and for no reason, which they clearly love.
But there’s one pack member who doesn’t pull his weight — Paul the Cat. Like many cats, Paul brings nothing to the table. When we come home from a run in the rain, he just sits there — watching and judging. He’s also never barked at strange noises, given the humans a kiss, or greeted them exuberantly. Basically, he’s a deadbeat pack member.
I just don’t understand how he can be so ungrateful. Before these humans, I was living on the streets of Jackson, Tenn. where I had to beg for food, water, and shelter. I love having a home and I am so thankful to my humans for adopting me. Do you think Paul is grateful for the food, water, and shelter that the humans provide for him? I don’t know — I don’t speak cat — but from his actions, his unwillingness to lend a helping hand, I assume he’s not.
So if you want someone who doesn’t help out — who brings nothing but fur balls to the table — get a cat. But if you want a loyal companion, someone who does more than just clean themselves all day — get a dog.
Why cats rule
These arguments are weak and misleading, says I, Richter the cat, king of the pack animals. Just because you blindly follow humans around, doing their degrading tricks and asking “how high” when they say “jump” does not make you a good pack animal. Here are the many things I bring to the pack:
  • Mouse, bug, and dust bunny killing;
  • Someone to pet and cuddle on your lap while you watch TV or read a book;
  • A companion to help you finish your water and dinner;
  • Someone to give infinite belly rubs.
I could go on, but I’m not sure if this Little Greg dog would be able to read that many words. Cats are just as affectionate and thankful for your love as dogs. I remember the first day I went to the animal shelter. I was in this tiny crate with my brothers and sisters and this kind human picked me out right away. I avoided living in a cage for who knows how long! And I show my thanks every time I rub up against my human’s leg, meow adorably when she comes home, and spoon her while we sleep.
And as a cat, I will never ask you to walk me in the freezing rain or snow, ask you to pick up my poop and carry it in a bag in front of strangers, or annoy your neighbors with my barking. You can even leave me alone for the weekend! I won’t cause any trouble (except for MAYBE knocking over a couple garbage cans – the “curious cat” stereotype is all too true). 
So save yourself the headaches and perils of dog ownership and gain cuddling, purring and happiness with your new, awesome cat.
*Paul the Cat was too angry and offended to contribute to this report. He said that he does not have to justify his awesomeness to anyone — especially a dumb dog.
So what do you think? Who makes the better pack member? A dog or cat?

4 thoughts on “Who’s REALLY Leader of the Pack – Dogs or Cats?

  1. Tough call. Both make great companions, but really — as in nature — only the dog feels like a member of the pack. There's a different dynamic; one is not better than the other, they're just different. Cats are solitary hunters, and their independence is one of the things we prize about them. A good cat is like a great roommate, but a dog is family.
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