Very Bad Doggie Mom (aka Stupid Human)

I really hate to admit this, but … I ran out of dog food for Toby. Like, really ran out of it – not even a crumb left at the bottom of the bag.

When we travel, I always carry extra everything, but this was going to be a short, overnight trip, and well, there are numerous stores where we were going that carry his food, so I grabbed his bag and left. What I wasn’t expecting was 8 to 10 inches of snow, slippery roads and that there was a lot less left in the food bag than I thought!

“Mom, please feed me!”
I went to the closest store I could get to safely, just a few blocks away, and prayed the whole way there they carried Toby’s food, or at least something equivalent. Nope! Of course not. They did have wet food from a reputable brand that I bought and figured I could give to him.

Just about every creative food I idea went through my head – freshly prepared chicken and rice wouldn’t kill him, some veggies added in would be good. But, then the, “Oh my gosh, I’m a terrible dog mom! I was even in the store that carried his food the day before and should have just picked it up then!” voice started in my head.
Thankfully, my aunt called in the middle of my little freak out and told me to chill out, and just give Toby the wet food for now and he would be fine. Thankfully, again, she also warned me that Toby might have some digestive issues because of it — sure enough 5 a.m. rolled around and I was up cleaning my floor.  That was Tuesday into Wednesday — and he’s still having some issues today. But, he is running around like a nut, playing with toys and acting normal.
This was a big mishap on my part, and totally gets filed in the “stupid human” list I’m sure Toby (and all animals) keep. Have you ever done something really stupid relating to your pet that obviously didn’t harm them, but was just dumb?

8 thoughts on “Very Bad Doggie Mom (aka Stupid Human)

  1. We are terrible about water. I don't know what our mental block is about checking their water to make sure they have enough. It's embarassing how many times I have found the water bowl empty. I imagine Spike and Dru discussing with each other why we are trying to kill them.

  2. Oh my, been there, done that, got the T-shirt! We've substituted people food (good, healthy people food)but discovered they like the people food better and getting them to accept their dog food now is a challenge. The looks are stinging…"Why aren't you giving me what you gave me yesterday? Why are YOU eating THAT when you want me to eat…dog food?" Lol…

  3. Don't feel too bad…at least you learned for next time! I am a bit obsessive (like unhealthily obsessive) about Riley running out of food so I end up buying it way ahead of time. I guess that's a good thing, but my family makes fun of me for it.

    Elyse and Riley

  4. been there…done that…(you can't be a pet parent WITHOUT sometimes doing stupid things) but yeah that was pretty stupid!!! (kidding!!!) I bought a new beef knuckle for our Sheltie that was different from the brand I usually buy….I also was cleaning up my entire living room….never change what they eat unless as in your case, you have to!

  5. Aww, that sucks he is still having some stomach problems. But I wouldn't beat yourself up about it too much. My own mother used to forget things like that for me all the time. If I can forgive her for leaving me at school for five hours, I am sure Toby has long since forgiven you. He probably enjoyed the novelty!

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