Saturday Blog Hop, Snow and Giveaway Info!

Hi Everyone!

For those of you visiting from the Saturday blog hop, welcome! It’s been a bit of a crazy week for us. We were in New Jersey Monday then got snowed in Tuesday after a business-related event in upstate New York, drove back to New Jersey Wednesday in the snow and now we’re doing more back-and-forth driving this weekend for some family-related reasons.

Toby usually loves the snow, but he wasn’t too keen on it this time for some reason, it did however, make for some really nice photos of the area.

The photo above is of a marina in Bolton Landing, N.Y. where I rent boats in the summer. The driving, however was not fun. Neither was not being able to get in my driveway when I came back from my business meeting.

OK, back to the normal dog-related stuff… we are so happy to be giving away a one-year subscription to FIDO Friendly magazine this week! You can read our post from earlier this week to see how you can enter.

Have a great weekend! And, good luck to the, J-E-T-S … JETS, JETS, JETS!

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